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    Fundación Plurales supports, guides, and accompanies individuals and groups in the various dimensions of a free, solidary, integral, inclusive, and multidimensional human development, with the mission of influencing socially and politically, generating tools for different actors to engage in their public participation.…

    "Agua potable para los Wichí" (Potable Water for The Wichi) is an organization created by a group of friends, together with the NGO  "Arte y Esperanza" (Art and Hope) and Weimer. They are raising funds to obtain 150 water filters for the Wichí communities in Salta, Argentina, so they can access a glass of clean water and improve their quality of life.…

    Amartya is a Civil Association, dedicated to "Promote a culture of sustainability through environmental education, articulating with the public, social and private sectors". It dreams of a Sustainable Argentina in which the environmental, social, economic, cultural and spiritual dimension are committed to caring for life.…

    The EEHYC is a hub for young people that acts through different organizational structures. Its membership is broad and includes youth organizations, informal groups, students, youth professionals, young researchers and activists, young entrepreneurs and young government employees. Through its membership, it interlinks the activities of different organisations, bringing experiences and ideas to international fora instigated by the WHO Regional Office for Europe, such as the Ministerial Board and the Task Force of the European Environment and Health Process.…

    This campaign, running until the end of 2012, was focused on the active participation of European citizens. It aimed to promote recognition of water, an essential and non-substitutable good for life, as the first common good of humanity and of other living species. This project was supported by Casino en Ligne Suisse and Casino en Ligne Belge and was intended to be both a source of knowledge, emotions and actions and the opportunity to recharge your batteries, along the way, at the wells of knowledge and emotions, actions.…

    The European Water Association (EWA) is an independent non-governmental and non-profit making organisation dealing with the management and improvement of the water environment. It is one of the major professional associations in Europe that covers the whole water sector, wastewater as well as drinking water and water related waste. With member associations from nearly all European countries EWA consists of most European Union Member States, including all countries from Central and Eastern Europe which joined the European Union on 1 June 2013. Other European countries represented within the EWA are Albania, Serbia, Norway, and Switzerland.…

    The International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH/AIH) is a scientific and educational charitable organisation for scientists, engineers, water managers and other professionals working in the fields of groundwater resource planning, management and protection. Founded in 1956, it has grown to a world-wide membership of more than 4000 individuals. The activities of IAH’s commissions and networks include contributing to the science of groundwater and undertaking outreach, education and training. They run sessions at IAH congresses, co-convene technical meetings and field excursions with other societies, host workshops and training courses and prepare educational and outreach publications. W…

    On this site, you will find all of our projects related to sustainable development. GoodPlanet inspires and encourages all generations to live sustainably. For a healthy planet, for everyone, for today and tomorrow. For a GoodPlanet. Thanks to our projects, our campaigns and our animations, we disseminate our knowledge and plant the seeds of change. We stimulate and realize ideas that make sustainable development real and tangible. All while always keeping a positive and hopeful attitude. For GoodPlanet, education plays an essential role in the transition to a more sustainable society. That is why we have been focusing on children and young people for over 20 years. We are obviously convince…

    Water For People was born out of the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the largest nonprofit, scientific, and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water. We continue to have a strong partnership with AWWA, the Water Environment Federation, the National Association of Water Companies, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, and the US Water Alliance.These partners help us ensure high-quality drinking water and sanitation services are available to Everyone Forever. We see how it transforms communities! With nearly thirty years of experience in nine countries around the world, we have seen how water changes everything. Access to water fuel…

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    YouKnoW! is a virtual space for collaboration founded on collective wisdom towards today’s water challenges. It’s an online centralized dynamic database where youth-led organizations are able to connect with a vibrant community. Just with the click of a mouse on our interactive world map, you will have access to knowledge from projects aimed at solving water issue & sharing of successful and innovative water practices.

    If you want to learn more about YouKnoW! please read our Community Guide.






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    This week's list from Josh's Water Jobs! mailchi.mp/joshswaterjobs/water-jobs-31-january-2023

    #water #waterjobs #WASH #WASHJobs #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6
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    This week's list from Josh's Water Jobs! mailchi.mp/joshswaterjobs/water-jobs-24-january-2023

    #water #waterjobs #WASH #WASHjobs #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6
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    2 weeks ago

    Water Youth Network

    This week's list from Josh's Water Jobs! mailchi.mp/joshswaterjobs/water-jobs-17-january-2023

    #water #waterjobs #WASH #WASHjobs #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6
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    3 weeks ago

    Water Youth Network

    This week's list from Josh's Water Jobs! mailchi.mp/joshswaterjobs/water-jobs-10-january-2023

    #water #waterjobs #WASH #WASHjobs #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6
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    4 weeks ago

    Water Youth Network

    The next PhD position list is here from Josh's Water Jobs. Almost another 100! mailchi.mp/joshswaterjobs/water-jobs-january-2023-phd-list

    #water #waterjobs #PhD #scholarships #WASH #wastewater #SDG6
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    Apply for GWP's Spring 2023 Internship Programme today for an exciting opportunity to support the GWP knowledge and learning agenda 🖥️ including work on the GWP ToolBox: IWRM Action Hub 🛠️

    Find out more ➡️ http://link.gwp.org/Internships

    #GWPInternship #WaterManagement #IWRMActionHub

    CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - RESEARCH FUNDING📝✨We’re thrilled to share that The Research Council of Norway has launched a joint call for projects with the #OceanDecade!📲 The Call encompasses several topics and themes and is also open to industry to apply.👉 https://bit.ly/3HgBJBv

    The current use of groundwater for irrigation is limited in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is due to the cost implications associated with exploration 🗺, construction 🛠 & financing 💲.

    Let’s unlock the immense potential of groundwater and take advantage of its various benefits!

    Do you want to make a difference in global #WaterSecurity? 💧🌏

    Join GWP's Spring 2023 #Internship Programme with 3 exciting opportunities to gain experience in sustainable development and water governance.

    Apply now ➡️ http://link.gwp.org/Internships

    #GWPInternship #WaterManagement

    Globally, ocean #renewableenergy is increasingly being used to mitigate CC and phase out #FossilFuels

    However, the current capacity of #ocean #power is a long way from its full potential.

    Offshore wind could provide almost 18× more energy than it consumes today.

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