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Relaunch in Stockholm

What you see above is the new design of the YouKnoW! map – which we are incredibly proud of!

The YouKnoW! platform in it’s new and shiny format has been relaunched at Stockholm World Water Week 2018. For that we started with an introductory talk by Philip Kruse about the Water Youth Network in general, our mission and goals, way of working and general activities. If you want to know more about the Water Youth Network – just click on the logo at the bottom of this page.

A presentation by Anne-Marie Albrecht (Amy), the coordinator of the project, followed introducing the YouKnoW! platform. YouKnoW! means Youth-driven Knowledge in Water. She explained that the platform is showcasing information about youth projects and youth organizations on an interactive world map – thus documenting youth actions, inspire, develop, and disseminate knowledge, create networks between youth leaders and connect these local experiences to global efforts related to the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

She outlined that the platform was relaunched in Stockholm as it already exists, but was newly designed. Now projects and organizations appear on the same map and can directly feature all social media channels, pictures, and information related to the project and organization in a new, user-friendly design. Amy reported that further tool development is ongoing and that she was happy to welcome one of the partners for the YouKnoW! project: Julienne Roux from Youth for Water and Climate (YWC) – which you can find at

Julienne started by explaining that YWC is a platform where youth projects can apply for funding. Accordingly, projects need to have a certain quality and portfolio readily available and have to be further developed than just an ideation stage. YWC and YouKnoW! are thus trying to establish different tools that will help projects that are showcased in YouKnoW!, but that are still at an ideation stage, to develop further so that they can eventually reach a level where they are ready to pitch their idea to potential funders.

The relaunch was part of the Young Professionals Day run by Water Youth Network on Tuesday 28th of August. A  big crowd gathered around the presenters and ensured a busy exchange with youth in the afternoon. More impressions of the Young Professionals Day are shown in the pictures

The Young Professionals Booth buzzing with interested young professionals.

Where are you coming from? Knitting a web and tying the knot between young professionals visiting Stockholm World Water Week.

The transboundary water management youth competition connecting the newest research of the Water Youth Network “The role of young people in transboundary water cooperation and diplomacy” to youth in Stockholm.

Knits & Knots