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    The project highlights the importance of training for the establishment and strengthening of international cooperation processes in the field of water resources. The issue of capacity in the water sector is an essential cross-cutting topic and as far as the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda are concerned, one of the biggest challenges reported for incorporation into institutions was the lack of capacity. In the face of complex unresolved issues, it is necessary to strengthen education, training, awareness and encourage the creation of international learning networks, thus accelerating the implementation of best practices in the sector. It is possible to raise awareness of how to improve water and san…

    The study association ´het Waterbouwdispuut´ is the platform developed by students and for students with the goal to bring companies, students and the university closer together. As a student association, we help both students and companies. By actively improving the quality of education as well as providing opportunities for students to improve themselves and get to know the Hydraulic Engineering field, we aim to help students to become better Hydraulic Engineers and future employees. We can…

    A new virtual space for collaboration founded on collective wisdom towards today’s water challenges. It is a web-based interactive world map where organizations and projects can showcase their work. Thus, just with the click of a mouse anyone can get information on youth projects and youth organisations aiming to solve water issues. You wanna help us keeping this platform alive? Then reach out to our email-address.…

    Young Friends of the Earth Europe is a grassroots network of young people and youth organizations working collectively for social and environmental justice on a local, national, and European level. Their common understanding of the world unites us, and we take action on climate change, food, agriculture, and education for sustainability. They campaign on today's most urgent environmental and social issues.…

    A community finds its strength in its shared beliefs, traditions, practices, etc. and thus, disregarding it while striving towards disaster resilient sustainable development makes no sense at all. The objective of this project is to “incorporate the dimension of cultural heritage in the contemporary approaches of community-based disaster risk management (CBDRM) and establish that CBDRM is not merely limited to disaster response”. The envisaged outcome of the project is to foster capacity building by ‘designing a hand-book for the decision-makers in the government as well as the young professionals, focussing on the true potential of cultural heritage in CBDRM approaches which is not restrict…

    The NGO Projeto Água emerged 15 years ago with the slogan: “Water the Greatest Good on Earth. Preserve! ” Today its headquarters is at Fazenda Projeto Água, where they offer study rooms and practical programs. It is an initiative formed by a group of volunteers, partners, and environmental enthusiasts. Projeto Agua activity engages with and encourages youth participation. Their focus is on raising awareness of the importance of taking care of Water and the Environment.…

    ReefWatch is involved in research, education, and outreach activities related to coral reefs and the ocean. They actively monitor coral reefs in the Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Further, they have produced several documentary films, organized beach clean-ups in Mumbai, and offer SCUBA training for scientists. Finally, to educate the next generation, they provide education programs in schools across India.…

    The project created a revolving fund with the contributions from Fundación Danone and the Deutsch Bank, to finance drilling for water extraction and construct a community dam. With the financial return from the drilling funds, the resources were reinvested in new drilling for other families in the area, reaching 30 holes that supply water to 60 families. The project served 5 communities with 300 direct beneficiaries and had a total of 8 total partners. Approximately 86,400,000 liters of water are obtained each year as a result of this project.…

    H2O for Life provides a service-learning opportunity that helps teachers and students raise awareness about the global water crisis. At Ebukhayi Primary School , H2O for life will assist in providing training on good hygiene habits, handwashing stations, VIP latrines and rainwater catchment tank.…

    El Consejo Mundial del Agua (World Water Council) es una organización de plataforma internacional de múltiples partes interesadas, cuya misión es movilizar la acción sobre problemas críticos del agua en todos los niveles, incluido el nivel más alto de toma de decisiones, involucrando a las personas en el debate y desafiando el pensamiento convencional. El Consejo se centra en las dimensiones políticas de la seguridad hídrica, la adaptación y la sostenibilidad. El Consejo Mundial del Agua aborda los muchos problemas que enfrenta la seguridad hídrica y busca desafiar las convenciones y generar nuevas ideas como una fuerza para el cambio. Los delegados juveniles designados por la Junta de Gober…

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    YouKnoW! is a virtual space for collaboration founded on collective wisdom towards today’s water challenges. It’s an online centralized dynamic database where youth-led organizations are able to connect with a vibrant community. Just with the click of a mouse on our interactive world map, you will have access to knowledge from projects aimed at solving water issue & sharing of successful and innovative water practices.

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    Positions in over 65 countries in this week's list from Josh's Water Jobs!


    #water #waterjobs #wash #WASHJobs #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6
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    This week's list from Josh's Water Jobs


    Featured jobs from the International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

    Highlighted positions from:
    - World Central Kitchen
    - Lake Chad Basin Commission
    - African Union Development Agency-NEPAD
    - Politecnico di Milano
    - UNICEF
    - UNDP
    - The Nature Conservancy
    - African Development Bank Group

    #water #waterjobs #wash #WASHJobs #sanitation #hygiene #SD
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    2 weeks ago

    Water Youth Network

    Surpassed the magic 300 mark in this week's list from Josh's Water Jobs:


    #water #waterjobs #wash #WASHJobs #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6
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    3 weeks ago

    Water Youth Network

    This week's list from Josh's Water Jobs!


    #water #waterjobs #wash #WASHJobs #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6
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    1 month ago

    Water Youth Network

    Pretty good list this week from Josh's Water Jobs!


    #water #waterjobs #wash #WASHJobs #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6
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    Some of the ideas to bridge #water & #youth that were discussed during the "Youth Leadership in Water" event, part of the @ADBWater #asiawaterforum.

    @iwaywp, @WYPW_PMJE , @WaterYouthNet #303030youthtarget

    📢 Registration is open to all for this year’s #AfricaClimateWeek!

    🗓️ 29 August - 2 September
    📍 Gabon

    It provides a platform to drive conversation and advance #ClimateAction across countries, communities & economies.

    Learn more and register 👇


    #WWWeek and the Stockholm Junior Water Prize 🏆-A global competition for students, one which attracts tens of thousands of participants from about 40 countries each year. ☑️Voting for the People’s Choice Award - deadline 15 August.
    Find out more and Vote! https://bit.ly/3OI6zn7

    Are you a mid-career #professional already in a govt’s employment & a national of & working in a #SIDS or LDC Party?
    Apply to join the @UNFCCC CAPACITY #fellowship programme fully-funded to #Germany.
    Deadline: 12 August 2022
    More info: http://bit.ly/3QsdPVF

    Groundwater contamination is worse than previously thought.

    The way we manage it has to improve, and fast.

    The @WorldBank has set out its strategic approach on monitoring groundwater quality.

    Check out their new ‘Seeing the Invisible’ report: https://buff.ly/3zICRdF

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