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    El Consejo Mundial del Agua (World Water Council) es una organización de plataforma internacional de múltiples partes interesadas, cuya misión es movilizar la acción sobre problemas críticos del agua en todos los niveles, incluido el nivel más alto de toma de decisiones, involucrando a las personas en el debate y desafiando el pensamiento convencional. El Consejo se centra en las dimensiones políticas de la seguridad hídrica, la adaptación y la sostenibilidad. El Consejo Mundial del Agua aborda los muchos problemas que enfrenta la seguridad hídrica y busca desafiar las convenciones y generar nuevas ideas como una fuerza para el cambio. Los delegados juveniles designados por la Junta de Gober…

    The World Water Council is an international multistakeholder platform organization whose mission is to mobilize action on critical water issues at all levels, including the highest decision-making level, by engaging people in debate and challenging conventional thinking. The Council focuses on the political dimensions of water security, adaptation, and sustainability. The World Water Council tackles the many issues facing water security and seeks to challenge convention and generate new thinking as a force for change. Youth Delegates appointed by the World Water Council’s Board of Governors for the 2019-2021 mandate are: Africa & Middle East: Ma…

    Initiative for implementing water and sanitation as a fundamental human right in the Constitution of Macedonia.…

    The Rights of water Campaign was launched by Alberto Tiraferri, Associate Professor at Politecnico di Torino (Italy). The main goal of the Campaign is to draft a Declaration of Water Rights to grant specific rights to water, and to consider it as a subject with ontological value, not as a mere object. Other than drafting the Declaration of Water rights, we hope to promote a new ecological and civil culture to discipline once again the relationship between water and human beings, thus deconstructing the idea that man is the owner of water, a belief that has long justified an abuse and improper use of the water element. Thanks to the work of Professor Alberto Tiraferri and of the philosopher L…

    The objectives of this research are: (1) to improve access on safe and clean drinking water for the rural area, (2) to analyze water utility for every household, (3) to enhance women’s participation in water management, (4) to analyze women’s participation on water management system through operate water treatment system. The output of this research is developing a portable drinking water treatment system in the rural area, The study area of research was conducted in Sungai Rengas Village in West Borneo, Indonesia.…

    Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum was officially launched in 1997 by a small group of interested people from government and non-government institutions. Its vision is: “Leading the nation in rain water harvesting technology, construction and utilization to sustain water needs.” Its mission is: “Promote , create awareness and build capacity on rain water harvesting technology through facilitating,…

    Community-based organization of civil society, working for the construction of peace through environmental conservation, decarbonization against climate change and sustainable development. Aims to support different innovative projects, involving local communities in a meaningful way, to develop the Action Campaign for the Sustainable Development Goals.…

    The Indonesian Green Action Forum (IGAF) is a national ecological platform which engages children, youths, and local communities to take actions for sustainable environment. This platform has engaged more than 3000 Indonesia people (children, youths, and local communities) for actualizing ecological initiatives into actions. This platform has executed more than 60 kinds of eco-projects financed by the United Nations agencies, and now is progressing on water and sanitation issues.…

    Did you know that by the year 2050 more than 5,000 million people will live in areas with water shortages? And also that 1 million plastic bottles are discarded every minute? Based on the appropriate technology and environmental education, our project is a contribution to the challenges related to water safety in the world and the reuse of plastic bottles. The implementation of the systems Ekomuro H2O + zen schools, universities, businesses, and social housing will undoubtedly generate a change of attitude in the water saving culture. Each module recovers 162 liters of rainwater for cleaning, irrigation of orchards and discharge of toilets. From the Ekomuro H2O + project, an innovative rainw…

    The Extreme Rainfall Detection System (ERDS), developed and implemented by ITHACA, is a service for the monitoring and forecasting of exceptional rainfall events, with nearly global geographic coverage. This system is conceived to be a strategic tool, providing complete, immediate and intuitive information about potential flood events, to be used during the preparedness and response phases of the emergency cycle. The extreme rainfall detection methodology is based on the concept of threshold. A threshold represents the amount of precipitation needed to trigger a flood event induced by extreme rainfall. Specifically, if for a selected aggregation interval the accumulated precipitation exceeds…

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    YouKnoW! is a virtual space for collaboration founded on collective wisdom towards today’s water challenges. It’s an online centralized dynamic database where youth-led organizations are able to connect with a vibrant community. Just with the click of a mouse on our interactive world map, you will have access to knowledge from projects aimed at solving water issue & sharing of successful and innovative water practices.

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    Positions in over 65 countries in this week's list from Josh's Water Jobs!


    #water #waterjobs #wash #WASHJobs #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6
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    This week's list from Josh's Water Jobs


    Featured jobs from the International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

    Highlighted positions from:
    - World Central Kitchen
    - Lake Chad Basin Commission
    - African Union Development Agency-NEPAD
    - Politecnico di Milano
    - UNICEF
    - UNDP
    - The Nature Conservancy
    - African Development Bank Group

    #water #waterjobs #wash #WASHJobs #sanitation #hygiene #sd
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    2 weeks ago

    Water Youth Network

    Surpassed the magic 300 mark in this week's list from Josh's Water Jobs:


    #water #waterjobs #wash #WASHJobs #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6
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    3 weeks ago

    Water Youth Network

    This week's list from Josh's Water Jobs!


    #water #waterjobs #wash #WASHJobs #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6
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    1 month ago

    Water Youth Network

    Pretty good list this week from Josh's Water Jobs!


    #water #waterjobs #wash #WASHJobs #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6
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    Some of the ideas to bridge #water & #youth that were discussed during the "Youth Leadership in Water" event, part of the @ADBWater #asiawaterforum.

    @iwaywp, @WYPW_PMJE , @WaterYouthNet #303030youthtarget

    📢 Registration is open to all for this year’s #AfricaClimateWeek!

    🗓️ 29 August - 2 September
    📍 Gabon

    It provides a platform to drive conversation and advance #ClimateAction across countries, communities & economies.

    Learn more and register 👇


    #WWWeek and the Stockholm Junior Water Prize 🏆-A global competition for students, one which attracts tens of thousands of participants from about 40 countries each year. ☑️Voting for the People’s Choice Award - deadline 15 August.
    Find out more and Vote! https://bit.ly/3OI6zn7

    Are you a mid-career #professional already in a govt’s employment & a national of & working in a #SIDS or LDC Party?
    Apply to join the @UNFCCC CAPACITY #fellowship programme fully-funded to #Germany.
    Deadline: 12 August 2022
    More info: http://bit.ly/3QsdPVF

    Groundwater contamination is worse than previously thought.

    The way we manage it has to improve, and fast.

    The @WorldBank has set out its strategic approach on monitoring groundwater quality.

    Check out their new ‘Seeing the Invisible’ report: https://buff.ly/3zICRdF

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