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    This project aims to strengthen conscientious and responsible consumption of resources. It works in the universities of the city to be able to work on real proposals that help to mitigate the impact of our daily actions, mainly on solid waste and water issue…

    This project involves youth to participate in water pollution monitoring and give pressure to government to strengthen industrial water pollution control in Brantas River Basin. Young Water Future Leaders Program also involve youth to promote integrated water resource management, river restoration, disaster risk reduction and encourage community participation in watershed management…

    The role of Indonesia’s women in the management of water resources is very low due to lack of knowledge, skills, education, capital, and health services. Therefore, the sustainable development of water resources management can be achieved by considering the balance access for male and female through gender mainstreaming in the management of water resources. The objectives of this research are: (1) to improve access on safe and clean drinking water for rural area, (2) to analyze water utility for every household, (3) to enhance women’s participation in water management, (4) to analyze women’s participation on water management system through operate water treatment system. The output of this r…

    Umoja East Africa Fund (UEAF) is currently promoting an Eco-enterprise Project. The project is promoting energy saving cooking technology to facilitate energy efficiency and save environment for better livelihoods. Currently we are working with communities in Kiha community to start up energy saving business scheme for skills development especially among the youth and women. The project targets to build capacity and have a class of Trainers and of Trainees in stoves construction, business and entrepreneurship among others. Efficient application of Energy saving stoves can contribute slowing down Natural resource degradation, reduce the ongoing massive deforestation and promote eco-entreprene…

    Is a social project with the objective of reconnecting the young people who live in the favela Belém with the Tucunduba urban hydrographic basins. A series of activities that allow to access basic information about the Tucunduba River as fundamental concepts of urban watersheds, resources, pollution, Basic Sanitation and other related themes are conducted to stimulate the recognition and the spatial perception of the environment and its relation with a daily life of the city and encourage the building of critical solutions to the problems identified.  …

    In Indonesia, flooding and drought are mostly an interlinked anthrophogenic disasters, resulting from resettlement expansion of human beings so that limited spaces of water to be reserved. The case occurs not only in urban area but also in rural area leading the devastation of human lives; and social, economic, and ecological loss. Along with these aforementioned issues, the prevention is necessarily needed for mitigating these disasters. The ongoing IGAF project is “Making Biopori Holes”- a translation of Bogor Agricultural University Research project into social actions for the above burdens. The project is in accordance with Risk Management and Planning. The goals of the Making Biopori Ho…

    Water Satellite program is carried out in the following ways: An interactive participatory software application that helps our target group to study about WASH related issues. Community based forums that provide the platform for people to voice out their concerns and also collectively discuss solutions to their WASH challenges. Social Media Advocacy and reportage on WASH issues. …

    This project aims to strengthen the role of young people in promoting sustainable environmental development in peace-building processes, enhance awareness and develop the potentials of young peace advocates as future leaders in community-based disaster risk reduction management (CBDRRM) and conflict prevention. 30 program fellows were gathered from the Southeast Asian region and capacitated with the skills and knowledge they need to take action on issues related to climate change and disaster management.  …

    This project aims to train local youth to interview various stakeholders involved in flood disasters in East Lombok to understand flood response behavior and relief efforts, Map flood-affected villages and degraded forested land and Develop communication channels and disaster evacuation routes. Flash floods already occur frequently in East Lombok, most recently on 11 February 2017 affecting several villages. There are worries that social forestry will degrade more forested lands and increase flood disaster risk in already poverty-stricken areas. This project will train local Indonesian youths to interview various stakeholders involved in flood disasters in East Lombok (e.g. flood-affected vi…

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    YouKnoW! is a virtual space for collaboration founded on collective wisdom towards today’s water challenges. It’s an online centralized dynamic database where youth-led organizations are able to connect with a vibrant community. Just with the click of a mouse on our interactive world map, you will have access to knowledge from projects aimed at solving water issue & sharing of successful and innovative water practices.

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    Here is this week's list from Josh's Water Jobs: mailchi.mp/joshswaterjobs/water-jobs-21-september-2021 #water #waterjobs #wash #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6

    Photo: Manuel Bogoni (Yarmouth Port, MA, USA)
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    2 weeks ago

    Water Youth Network

    This would be this week's list from Josh's Water Jobs! mailchi.mp/joshswaterjobs/water-jobs-14-september-2021 #water #waterjobs #wash #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6

    Photo: Abhishek Komandur (Laguna Cerro Castillo, Chile)
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    3 weeks ago

    Water Youth Network

    This week's list from Josh's Water Jobs! mailchi.mp/joshswaterjobs/water-jobs-7-september-2021 #water #waterjobs #wash #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6

    Don't forget to check out the intro to our podcast and blogs series! www.joshswaterjobs.com/2021/09/01/introducing-our-new-podcast-and-blogs/

    Photo: Ecaterina Mihalcean (Longyearbyen, Norway)
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    4 weeks ago

    Water Youth Network

    This week's list from Josh's Water Jobs! mailchi.mp/joshswaterjobs/water-jobs-31-august #water #waterjobs #wash #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6

    Photo: Kimberly Slinde Lemme (Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado, USA)
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    1 month ago

    Water Youth Network

    This week's list from Josh's Water Jobs! mailchi.mp/joshswaterjobs/water-jobs-24-august #water #waterjobs #wash #sanitation #hygiene #SDG6

    Photo: Kevin Chrétien (Salinas Grandes, Argentina)
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