Biopori Holes Project

Biopori Holes Project

IGAF-Indonesia green action
2016/07/01 - 2017/05/12 indonesia Status: Finished

n Indonesia, flooding and drought are mostly an interlinked anthrophogenic disasters, resulting from resettlement expansion of human beings so that limited spaces of water to be reserved. The case occurs not only in urban area but also in rural area leading the devastation of human lives; and social, economic, and ecological loss. Along with these aforementioned issues, the prevention is necessarily needed for mitigating these disasters. The ongoing IGAF project is “Making Biopori Holes”- a translation of Bogor Agricultural University Research project into social actions for the above burdens. The project is in accordance with Risk Management and Planning. The goals of the Making Biopori Holes are to provide more than 1000 biopori holes with more than 1000 participants getting involved in the project, and to provide a simple tool and method of making biopori holes. The objectives of the project are to provide an simple, affordable, and applicable technology for flooding and drought prevention; and to give multi-benefits for local communities not only for flooding and drought prevention but also for the fertiliy of agricultural soils; and to educate and raise awareness of children, youths, and local communities about the importance of biopori holes for risk management.


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March 2, 2018