ECO-Enterprises Project in Hoima, Uganda

ECO-Enterprises Project in Hoima, Uganda

Umoja East Africa Fund Uganda
2017/06/01 - 2018/04/12 Uganda Status: Finished

Umoja East Africa Fund (UEAF) is currently promoting an Eco-enterprise Project. The project is promoting energy saving cooking technology to facilitate energy efficiency and save environment for better livelihoods. Currently we are working with communities in Kiha community to start up energy saving business scheme for skills development especially among the youth and women.

The project targets to build capacity and have a class of Trainers and of Trainees in stoves construction, business and entrepreneurship among others. Efficient application of Energy saving stoves can contribute slowing down Natural resource degradation, reduce the ongoing massive deforestation and promote eco-entrepreneurship with an aim of improving sustainable natural resource management while earning the youth and women an income.

Other expected results include; empowered youth and women in their respective Self Help Groups established, more income generating activities startup and savings for continued investment in the initiative. 11


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March 2, 2018