Ekomuro H2O + in peri urban areas of poverty

Eko Group H2O+
BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA Status: Ongoing

Did you know that by the year 2050 more than 5,000 million people will live in areas with water shortages? And also that 1 million plastic bottles are discarded every minute?

Based on the appropriate technology and environmental education, our project is a contribution to the challenges related to water safety in the world and the reuse of plastic bottles.

The implementation of the systems Ekomuro H2O + zen schools, universities, businesses, and social housing will undoubtedly generate a change of attitude in the water saving culture. Each module recovers 162 liters of rainwater for cleaning, irrigation of orchards and discharge of toilets.

From the Ekomuro H2O + project, an innovative rainwater harvesting system, modularly developed with 54 reused PET bottles of 3 liters capacity, which interconnected, make up a vertical water tank, resistant to liquid pressures and that occupies a minimum space, we intend to generate a change of attitude about the water saving culture, so that the preservation, the population understands that it is a strategic natural resource in urban sustainability, risk reduction and strengthening of the capacities of resilience, which will result in the reduction of vulnerabilities and will become a mechanism for adapting to climate change. In addition, with the reuse of PET bottles, we try to raise awareness about the proper disposal of plastic waste in order to mitigate the environmental impacts we have on our planet.

My name is Ricardo Enrique Alba Torres, I am from Bogotá Colombia and I invite you to replicate our project in your community. The planet will thank you.


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March 24, 2019