Flash flood early warning system for Egypt

Disaster Risk Reduction
Flash flood early warning system for Egypt
Nile Forecast Center
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Egypt is one of the vulnerable countries which is affected by the changing of the climate due to global warming. Various effects including seawater intrusion that leads to increasing salinity in delta, agriculture and food insufficiency, water scarcity. Extreme rainfall events “flash floods” are observed at the coastal zones and Sinai in Egypt as one of the impacts of climate change which causes catastrophic consequences. Last few years during the extreme weather event a huge damage is occurred in Delta area and in coastal zones, where more than two hundred died and more than million Fadden of agriculture land submerged, more over two villages were completed destroyed. The project aims to expand the dissemination of rainfall maps and predictions regularly through using a Mobile application to alert the executive agencies at local areas of the storm. Which gave them the chance to take actions lead to less damage and absorb the storm safely, an example of actions; closing high roads, reduce the release from the dam to lower the level in canals and drains, stop irrigation pumps, and prepare the equipment needed in such emergency. The teams’ field of experience is in meteorology, hydrology, as well as climate change studies.

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