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Protect and Restore Water Related Ecosystems
Gaia Pacha Foundation

Gaia Pacha is a Non-Profit Organization that reflects the conviction and life philosophy of qualified women and men who are committed to the care of the fragile interaction between human beings and nature. Gaia Pacha is dedicated to the environment with a strong base in ethics, transparency, justice, and solidarity.

Main Category: Protect & Restore Water Related Ecosystems
Secondary Categories: Integrated Water Resources Management and Protect & Restore Water Related Ecosystems
Organization Type: Non-Governmental Organization
Active Regions: South America


Non-Governmental Organization
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List of Our Projects

The Gaia Pacha Foundation is working with two initiatives that will help restore the Rocha River. The first initiative uses public participation to monitor macroinvertebrates in the municipalities of Sacaba, Cercado, and Colcapirhua. The second initiative brings together Ecological Brigades in schools within the municipality of Colcapirhua.

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