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Illiteracy is the curse of any country. If it’s sustained in a large part of a country’s population, for example farmers who simultaneously are a great contributor to a country’s development, it is especially severe. Then these farmers do not know the basic education and have a lack of technological, ecological and different diversified knowledge about agricultural practices. So in this modern age, it is not possible to develop the agricultural level or total countries development without this large number of population. So Indeed proper education among farmers is very important to sustainable development.
Over 80% of Bangladesh’s workforce is rural, yet the vast majority are extremely poor, illiterate and politically marginalized. These farmers live in harsh and degrading conditions, earning a pittance working for landlords. Their situation is worsened through an absence of political and social awareness and a lack of capacity to defend their rights. As a result of this, they are often exploited and oppressed. Women face an even more difficult situation due to the persistence of conservative religious structures that serve to oppress women, and School of Farmers works to increase women’s awareness and rights and campaigns to eliminate the discrepancy between the treatment of women and men.
School of Farmers believes literacy is a catalyst for the empowerment of the rural laborers and small farmers. School of Farmers literacy programme and rights training workshops provide workers with the means to organize themselves and to improve their educational and practical skills, both of which will equip them to better demand that their rights to be respected.

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