Youth Delegates

Integrated Water Resources Management
Youth Delegates

The World Water Council is an international multistakeholder platform organization whose mission is to mobilize action on critical water issues at all levels, including the highest decision-making level, by engaging people in debate and challenging conventional thinking. The Council focuses on the political dimensions of water security, adaptation, and sustainability. The World Water Council tackles the many issues facing water security and seeks to challenge convention and generate new thinking as a force for change.

Youth Delegates appointed by the World Water Council’s Board of Governors for the 2019-2021 mandate are:

  • Africa & Middle East: Marieme Soda Ndiaye (Senegal)
  • Americas: Franklyn Raul Varillas Salazar (Peru)
  • Asia & Pacific: Karishma Asoodani (India)
  • Europe: Philip Kruse (Germany)
Main Category: Integrated Water Resources Management
Secondary Categories: Integrated Water Resources Management, Safe & Affordable Drinking Water, and Water quality
Organization Type: Non-Governmental Organization
Active Regions: Worldwide


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